Friday, April 18, 2008

I would post a "how to" here

After testing the Enigmail extension for Thunderbird I've found that even though the documentation says it does, Enigmail doesn't support relative path when it comes to calling GPG.exe. I'll try and hammer things out with Compreg.dat to see if I can make a manual fix, but I won't make any promises.

Something for Psi Users

For those that use the old ssl certs to connect to connect to your favorite jabber server I dusted off this old batch script that creates ssl certs in the xml format required for Psi. I found it after looking around the Psi-wiki for a how to on making certificates since the main xml cert file didn't have one for the server i used at the time. I adapted it from a bash script, and this worked just fine for me. I tested it last night and it still works just like it should.

Please not that %1 is for the server name and %2 is for the port number.

ECHO ^>>%1.xml
ECHO ^>>%1.xml
ECHO ^>>%1.xml
::# Get server certificate. Convert to x509. Strip out lines
openssl s_client -connect %1:%2 | openssl x509 -outform DER | openssl enc -a -A >>%1.xml
ECHO ^<^/store^>>>%1.xml
ECHO ^<^/certificate^>>>%1.xml
ECHO ^<^/data^>>>%1.xml

This script even adds in the tags needed for the xml-ssl certificate format used by PSI.