Thursday, August 16, 2007

A portable pidgin for everyone else.

I'm not taking any credit for this, I just followed the directions from the official web site.

Here is what (may) be featured in the zip:

Pidgin Encryption
Pidgin OTR

No changes were made to the plugins, they are already portable. If there are any feature requests, I'll take them into consideration. The theme is MS windows. But if you peek over the how to page you'll know how to change it.

Packaged with 7 zip.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Portable-Pidgin revisited

Seems the makers of Portable Gaim finally spat out a portable build of Pidgin(I thought 99% of the work was done for them already). I'm going to take a peek at it just to see if it encrypts passwords. Pidgin was portable with a few modifications(directory structure and renaming one file) the only thing it didn't do was encrypt passwords. I hope they did something about that.

They wouldn't just upx the the "build" and then slap their name on it. Because that would be dishonest.

There is also a copy of Pidgin-Encryption and Pidgin-OTR that are supposed to be portable. I'll have to take a peek at these too. I was running the official plugins (Encryption/otr) from my portable build, and they ran portable. If there isn't anything outstandingly different, I won't be surprised will I?

The plugins Haller claims to have made portable, already were portable. All he did was UPX them and slap his name on them. And as for his Portable release of Pidgin, there isn't any real improvements. If you save your passwords, they get saved as plain text. But he did a nice job upx it didn't he? If you really need that 10mbs of space on on your USB device, by all means go with Haller's release, otherwise just follow the directions from the official site(it takes about five minutes).