Friday, August 3, 2007

Not the first post.

No, this isn't really the first post, its just an place holder for the first article. I'm going to start off by discussing what make apps "USB friendly". Some will say that size is more important than number of writes to a device. Another weighing factor is whether the app leaves a trace of itself on the system or not(but its basically a given that any trace should be minimal if not none). I'm one of those people who considers few writes to be more important than small size. Writes wear down a USB drive over time, and it wears out you'll need a new one. Call me cheap, I hate to toss out perfectly good devices before I get the mileage I paid for. I had a USB drive die on me because I was running a lot of apps from it that made heavy writes to the drive.

Lesson learned, price paid: $45 USD.