Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Portable Wiki

StickWiki is a small lightweight portable wiki that is standalone and operates from a single xhtml file. It offers AES encryption as well. It isn't that large and has built in documentation for making and adding pages, links, etc. It certainly has a different approach compared to TiddlyWiki in terms of function and interface. I recommend this as an alternative to TiddlyWiki, if not for the encryption features.

Wiki on a Stick!
StickWiki Project page @ sourceforge

Sound Player Litlith

This is a nice little music player I use and have used for more than two years now. It has support for MP3, OggVorbis, And WMA. It has a skinnable interface, can normalize mp3's, cross fade, etc.
I've tested it on my own USB device and I can say it is portable. The settings and default playlist are saved in the application folder. The interface is skinable and even though the program is mostly in Japanese the interface is obvious enough to figure out and some features are explained in in skin in english.


Monday, November 26, 2007

IF pen

The DL ::

"Slade" wrote a useful peice software to play IF games from your USB drive. If you're like me you'll find this is a great alternative to trying to run DOS versions of certain IF readers. The interface feels like a program launcher but is more like a front end inteface, but can make running your Interactive Fiction fix a portable one. Setup is relatively simple compared to making batch scripts for running IF games under dos.